mosquito huntress celebration

i've been going through some of my old photos and i found photos of a surprise party my friends threw for me for my 15th. all the sudden i just felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I really appreciate everything i have. i have such great friends that are funny, caring, and smart, they seriously are the most amazing people i've met in my life.
i can go on and on and on forever about the people i love and appreciate the have in my life! my family, my friends, my dolls, my whatever whoever.

i hope these people i love will stay by me forever and ever

also today field day was really fun!
but i lost my voice ):

Been a while

It's been a while since i posted on my blog.
I have to admit i sort of forgot about my blog ): i'm sorry bloggie~

School started, and its pretty hectic a lot of things happening with homework, inside my family, and myself.

Life's crazy

sims 3

"The Last Lecture", a required reading for the whole upper school in TAS is an amazing book, but i think just watching the randy pausch give the lecture was even more interesting. You could not tell the man giving the speech was dying, he was upbeat, optimistic and energetic. With ten tumors in his liver, i really don't know how the hell he does it. all i can say is, he is amazing.

reading his book, i learned that he was closely tied with something to do with virtual world programming. He worked in Electronic Arts, a game company that made so much great virtual games! like SIMS 3!! after reading "The Last Lecture", i decided i needed to play this game hahhaha.

one thing that i lvoe about this game is that they make life seems so easy. If you're sad or stressed, all you have to do is take a hot bubble bath, watch tv, or read a book. If you're hungry you pull something out of your fridge. Might i say, it was also so easy making new friends, and flirting with hotties! I know i sound a little creepy, but oh! how i wish my life was that easy, just basing everything thing on a little bar measuring my happiness. I wish my happiness was so easily felt.

well i still figuring out the features in sims but i guess i just really envy my sim for having everything so easy.


i can't believe school i starting in less than 2 weeks.
time flies by way tooo fast, to me it doesn't even feel like summer yet!

): ? ? ? ??? !?!? (: i dunno what to feel!
excited? sad?

maybe i should just go sleep??


dear smoochie,
i'm not much of a crier. and this past summer has been amazing wonderful, and fantastic!
you have no idea how much i will miss you. i have to admit i wasn't sad at all because i was convinced something might happen and you guys will stay. i'm always in a state of denial when i know that someone is leaving or is gone; and i guess i truly struck me at 5 when you logged off chat that you were leaving.
i knew you were going to the airport, and going to a new place, to start a new life. and i'm very excited for you! i'm sorry hAHHA for callingn and crying on the phone, i konw it must be SUPER awkward, but that would probably be mah last true goodbye, because it felt like one.

i'm gnna miss you sooso much, and i'm so glad i had this whole summer to hang and get to know you even better. you're funny, but serious when you have to be. you can always make me smile, or give me good advices. you really are a great friend, you always will be

im alwayz gnna remember you~ i hope you remember your friends back in Taiwan

keep in touch
pwn chicka pwn
, your baobei

black cat

i knew having a black cat run across your path meant bad luck. but i wonder how long it takes for the bad luck to kick in. well just yesterday, while i was jogging on the school track, and small black kitten darted across the track right in front of me. naturally i was a little freaked out but i guess i convinced myself nothing would happen, and nothing did.

however today, i can say would be the worst day ever.
on my way to my summer class, i spilled steaming hot spaghetti over my legs, and onto my mom's car. not only do i have a stinging burnt thighs, but an angry mom. i probably would have to pay my mom for the cleanup fee of the car as a punishment.

psat class was extremely boring ):

and after i went for a run, i could barely manage to sprint a lap

and.. after i headed over to my friend claire's house, but took the wrong bus, and went all the way up a hill, so i had to walk down and walk to claires house.

and i found out mah friend claire is leaving ):

best day ever!

john locke

my favorite character in LOST +++ speed painting?
perfect combo.

i wish, OH I WISH i can do this too!
i just dun like what they did in the end, but the rest is just amazing.

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